By AnneMcDevitt | February 7, 2017

The thought of Valentines day can bring dread to some and joy to others. We’re choosing joy and choosing to celebrate all kinds of love. In part two of our LOVE YOUR SKIN series we’re looking at ways to boost the love for your own body and in turn get a self loving confidence boost!

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Apricot Body Oil

Love Your Skin

By AnneMcDevitt | January 31, 2017

For our LOVE YOUR SKIN series we look at the benefits of applying oil on the skin, a self-loving ritual stretching back to ancient times. The popular use of oils in the spa and home is derived from these historical uses and has evolved into our understanding of the modern day spa.

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Masked for the Ball

By AnneMcDevitt | December 30, 2016

The famous masked balls of Vienna are the envy of the world on New Years Eve. Dancing the night away in glamour and splendour, the masks were removed at the end of the evening to reveal the true wearer.

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Éminence helps the NoMakeup Movement

By AnneMcDevitt | November 29, 2016

Alicia Keys has many on her #NoMakeup stance this year. The multi-award winning singer who brought us ‘New York’ and ‘Fallin’ hasn’t worn make-up in months, and some women absolutely hate it.

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