Electrolysis Hair Removal



Diathermy or electrolysis, as it’s traditionally known, is a tried and tested permanent method of hair removal. It has a long history and is proven to be the most successful and is the only hair removal system to be granted the title “permanent” by the FDA.
It involves a tiny needle, smaller than a hair, inserted into the hair follicle, which is hollow so you don’t feel discomfort. Then a small amount of diathermy, which feels like a small burst of heat is released into the follicle.
The heat cauterizes the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair and separates the dead hair from its base. The hair is then gently removed. Your initial appointment will include a detailed explanation of how the course of treatment will work for you.
It is highly suitable for both Men & Women.
Consultation & First Treatment 30 Minutes - €48
1 hour - €98
45 minutes- €73
30 minutes- €48
15 minutes- €28

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FYI: Electrolysis is also used to remove skin tags, certain sun damage spots, treat thread veins and in some cases to remove milia or whiteheads.
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
The blend method of hair removal is a mild & gentle combination of diathermy and galvanic currents. They are simultaneously delivered into the hair shaft without any discomfort so that all you feel is a mild current.
The treatment is best suited to areas where there are a small number of hairs that are stubborn or may not have responded to laser. It is well tolerated on very sensitive areas such as upper lip and tummy areas and for gents who have excess hair around the ears, brows or peeping over the collar line. It is highly suitable for both Men & Women.
Consultation & First Treatment 30 Minutes - €54   |   30 Minutes - €54   |   15 Minutes - €33
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
Before you remove hair from the body for the first time it is best to get professional advice. There are many aspects of hair removal that have been touted as permanent, when in fact they are simply short term solutions. We feel this is particularly important for teenagers who may be conscious of excess hair. This ensures getting the right start and the best solution.
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