Laser Red Vein Removal



Laser targets specific visible red veins or thread veins on the skin. Polaris Class 4 medical N.D.yag laser is used to target and cauterise the vessel so that it shrinks back from the surface to fade over time. Excellent results can be achieved after only a few treatments if not straight away.

Our patented Brr-eez cooling system super cools your skin so that your treatment is very comfortable and your skin recovers quickly.

15min- Cost €135 - Course of 3 is €300
30min -Cost €165 - Course of 3 is €400

Initial Consultation is Free and Patch Test is Free!

Red Vein Treatment
How many treatments do I need?
Most people need around 3 treatments carried out 4 weeks apart, but some people only need one or two.
Is Laser right for me?
Our experience of treating red veins means we can assess your skin so that we can advise you of the best treatment. We offer the broadest choice of treatment options for red veins, high colour, sensitive skin and rosacea, combining the latest Laser & IPL technology with specialised products. Our reputation for red vein treatment is unsurpassed.

Treatments are comfortable and our experience makes it safe for you. Our Aesthetic therapists are friendly, professional, and accurate in their work.

They have been highly trained in an environment with a long history of success with red veins and high colour. The clinic cultivates a core value of integrity in customer care. If you have a medical condition or are unsuitable for Laser you may be a candidate for other Anti -redness treatments such as Profound Anti –redness Facial: a high concentration of Vitamin K enriched with Vitamin E & D which fades high colouring and reduces visibility of blood vessels. the treatment is painless and especially good for those afraid of needles or Laser.

Your skin health is always preserved.

”I had a small clump of red veins across my cheeks just under my eyes and had naively thought they would eventually go away by themselves. Sadly, the fact that this will never happen was quickly pointed out to me and I found myself looking for an expert to deal with them. The Wicklow Street Clinic is renowned as a true expert in the facial care area. After one session an improvement was visible and after two the offending veins were nearly gone.”
Laser Red Vein Removal at The Wicklow Street Clinic

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We also have the alternative Diathermy Thread Vein Treatment

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