The Only Beauty Resolutions You Need In 2019

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Kickstart your new year with our seven top beauty and skincare resolutions that will have your skin gleaming in 2019. 

1. Increase your water intake

If you only make one resolution in 2019 make it this one. Aim to drink eight ounce glasses of water a day - approximately two litres. This will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. When your skin is dehydrated it looks dull, is often more congested and fine lines look deeper. 

By drinking more water your skin will look plumper and be able to flush out toxins more easily. As a bonus you will have more energy and be less prone to headaches. Many people will also experience improved digestive function. 

2. Embrace Acids and Enzymes

In 2019 you need to familiarise yourself with these terms. There are many different types of acids and enzymes available to you. Most are for exfoliating, some are to hydrate and others are for cleaning your pores to prevent breakouts. These include aha's, glycolics, salicylic, lactic, enzymes, retinols - variations of vitamin A - and hyalauronic acids. 

Your skin will benefit from finding one or more of these to suit your needs. They are the best tool in your skincare routine for giving smoother, clearer and brighter skin. Acids are generally less aggressive to your skin's barrier than harsh exfoliating scrubs.

Book a consultation with one of our skin experts to find out which one's are best for you.


3. Double Cleanse

Some of you may already be very familiar with this one. If not, let 2019 be your year to begin double cleansing at night. In the evening cleanse your skin twice. A cleansing oil or balm are ideal for your first cleanse, especially if you are wearing make-up. You won't need a seperate eye make-up remover with either of those too! Simply remove the cleanser with a warm cotton face cloth. Then repeat with a cream or gel wash that suits your skin. Finish with a splash of water to remove any residue.

4.Visit A Skin Professional

Make this your main resolution in 2019 - Boost your skin with some advanced skin treatments. Microneedling, IPL and CACI Synergy will increase collagen levels in your skin with little or no downtime. This leads to firmer, clearer, brighter and younger looking skin.

You can find out more about Microneedling  by reading our earlier blog post here .

There is more information on CACI and IPL for you here - 



5. Choose Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

Spring clean your bathroom cabinet. You can buy skincare that gives you excellent results and is friendly to the environment. Eminence Organics use bio-degradable foam packaging that is made from cornstarch, employ sustainable farming methods and they plant a tree for every product sold. Also, ditching the face wipes and cotton wool will benefit both your skin and the environment. 

6. Switch To Mineral Make-Up

You can instantly improve your skin by switching to a mineral based tinted moisturiser. If desired you can use  a mineral powder over it and build up to a coverage that you like. Cosmetic foundations, blushers and concealers can block your pores, causing blackheads and whiteheads (milia). It can also aggravate acne and rosacea. 

The zinc oxides in mineral powders also offer extra sun protection which can be reapplied during the day to top up your Spf. 

Powders are available here

7. Protect Your Skin From Pollution 

In 2019 you can expect to hear a lot more about skincare that can protect your skin from the damaging effects caused by pollution. Pollution can cause free radicals which speed up the ageing process. 

The Microgreens Collection from Eminence helps to detox your skin by removing impurities. They keep your skin hydrated and healthy. 

There are three delicious products in the range. All available here