How Microneedling Can Give You Glowing Skin


With celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian waxing lyrical about the age- defying properties of Microneedling it's becoming difficult to ignore this multifunctional treatment.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy and skin needling, triggers the body’s natural healing response, leading to an increase in the production of collagen and elastin. In other words, helping your skin look its best. It also allows the much deeper penetration of active ingredients into the skin, meaning your treatments will be more effective and last longer.

It’s been taking the beauty industry by storm due to it’s incredible results. With origins in ancient Chinese acupuncture it has progressed over the years to a hand-held, motorised pen. We use the acclaimed Dr. Dermica Gold Pen as it’s the most hygienic, effective and efficient pen on the market.

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Some of the benefits Include:

Firming - Microneedling greatly reduces wrinkle depth and increases the firmness of your skin. As we age we lose collagen, which makes up the building blocks of our skin. By creating new collagen it increases skin density and plumpness. The beauty of the pen means we can also get into smaller areas (such as fine lines around the eyes and mouth) to give you better results.

Acne Scarring - It has shown amazing results in the reduction of acne scars, and all types of scarring (even white/silver scars). Microneedling breaks up uneven, lumpy scar tissue by stimulating the growth of new tissue, giving your skin a smoother appearance.

Hyperpigmentation - This is the most effective treatment for reducing hyperpigmentation (dark spots and sun damage). It also gives your skin a gorgeous, youthful glow and a more even skin tone overall. It encourages your body to produce new cells which are free of hyperpigmentation.

Reduced Pore Size - Our pores become more obvious and slightly slack with age. Increased collagen production makes pores less apparent and smaller.

Stretch Marks - The treatment reduces stretch marks - even old ones - and helps to tighten the surrounding skin.


We recommend 3-6 treatments with a gap of 4-6 weeks between treatments. To optimise your results we finish the treatment with a healing and hydrating gel mask combined with LED therapy*.

*LED Therapy: LED - Light Emitting Diode - promotes faster healing. Red light enhances collagen, and speeds up wound healing. Blue light has an antiseptic and calming effect. It’s also great for reducing acne and breakouts.