7 Steps To Flawless Skin

flawless skin

These are some simple changes you can make to you skincare and lifestyle to achieve healthier, happier skin.

1. Hydrate

Aim to drink two litres of water daily. Herbal teas also count towards your fluid intake. Caffeine is a diuretic, so keep it to a minimum. Hydrating foods are a great help too.

Include some of these daily for a moisture boost:

● Strawberries
● Cucumber
● Melon
● Tomatoes
● Apples
● Leafy greens
● Kiwis

The next step is to hydrate your skin topically. Certain environment and weather conditions can draw extra moisture from the skin, making it feel tight. This leads to redness and in some cases an overproduction of oil.
Use a serum containing hyaluronic acid to keep skin feeling supple throughout the day. It also reduces the look of lines and wrinkles, can calm inflammation, and reduce the symptoms of acne.

The Eminence Organics Strawberry and Rhubarb Serum is a great source of plant based hyaluronic acid.

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2. Double Cleanse Daily

Pollution and blue light emitted from computers and phones contain free radicals which speed up the aging process. Doubling up on the cleansing removes these extra impurities and leads to better absorption of your favourite skincare! This is for your evening routine.

How to double cleanse :

Take a small amount of an oil or balm cleanser, massage in, emulsify with a little water, then remove with a warm facecloth. These are great at removing stubborn eye makeup too.

Then, choose a cream cleanser or gel wash suited to your skin. Massage into damp skin, remove with a warm facecloth, and finish with a splash of lukewarm water.

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3. Get some exercise

All forms of exercise will keep you looking younger. Sweating during an intense workout will also release trapped dirt and oil from your pores. Always wash your face post workout.

Exercising helps your skin and body to function better. The delivery of key nutrients is improved, this can actually help repair some sun and environmental damage. As we age collagen reduces and fibroblasts - the hard working collagen making cells- function less effectively. Thankfully regular exercise boosts the production of collagen, hence the skin’s thickness will increase. Muscle holds onto more water than fat which boosts hydration levels too.

Yoga and pilates have shown to have extra benefits due to the deep breathing and stress relief. Also, all forms of exercise can lead to better sleep, and there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep for skin repair.


4. You are what you eat

What you put into your body will show up on your skin. For some people this can happen almost

immediately, especially when prone to rosacea, acne, dermatitis or eczema.

Everyone is different, so figuring out what works for you is essential.

The following are some general guidelines for the best foods to eat for healthy skin.

● Berries: They are very high in antioxidants and vitamin C. These have a neutralizing effect on free radicals, leading to a reduction in inflammation and skin aging.

●  Red and yellow vegetables: High in vitamin A and C. Vitamin A repairs damaged cells, even reducing some of the effects of sun damage. This combination helps to boost the formation of collagen. Flaky and dry skin could be a sign of a lack of vitamin A.

●  Healthy fats: The skin’s structure is partly made up of omega-3 fats. They keep the skin plump, hydrated, and calm. Good sources include wild salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, walnuts and flaxseeds. Almonds and avocados are rich in vitamin E which moisturises the skin from within. Olive oil - rich in vitamins A and E- is another important source of healthy fats.

●  Zinc: This is more a nutrient than food group. It boosts the immune system, leading to faster skin healing. In particular it has shown very positive results in improving acne. Sources include- beans, chickpeas, spinach, lentils, lean meat, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.


5. Exfoliate

The quickest way to glowing skin is by exfoliating regularly. Gently does it... Choose an enzyme or a gentle acid based one, and use it once or twice weekly. This will bring healthier cells to the surface more quickly without causing irritation. Then add a rice based powder into your routine. Mix a little of the powder with your cleanser to lightly buff your skin and draw out impurities.

It is important to ask your skin therapist which type of exfoliant is most suited to your skin.

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6. Protect your skin

Wear and Spf of 30 or higher year round to protect your skin against uv damage. Harmful rays can penetrate through clouds, and uva rays pass through glass. These lead to more rapid skin aging and hyperpigmentation. Sun Creams containing zinc oxide are thought to be the safest option. They are also better for sensitive skins and less harmful to the environment.

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7. Treat your skin

Regular facials keep your skin looking healthy and bright. The combination of professional products, deep cleansing, and massage improves elasticity and boosts circulation. A facial every four to six weeks is optimal. If needed more advanced treatments like red vein laser, IPL, microneedling, and CACI can be recommended to treat your specific concerns.

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