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Laser can be used to remove hair from areas on the face and body including neck, chest, and back.
We have carried out thousands of successful hair removal treatments and we have thousands of satisfied clients.
Consultations are free and your treatments are never rushed even though our prices are low. We adhere to strict maintenance protocols for all our Lasers and we regularly invest in Laser machine health checks and upgrades, all of which ensure your safety.
Initial consultation is free and patch test is free. A detailed explanation is given during your free consultation.
We operate class 4 medical devices. Our research tells us that the most effective results for dark hair removal is with LASER. The Polaris n.d.Yag laser delivers intense laser energy to a specific target, the hair follicle. The laser energy destroys the precise region in which the hair grows.
The hair is destroyed without causing any damage to the surrounding skin tissue. The number of treatments needed differs from person to person, with most needing between 3 and 8 treatments. The treatments may be 1 month or 2 months apart.
The results will depend on the type of hair growth, the amount of hair growth and the stage the hair growth. TIP: For many individuals the real permanent hair removal solution is to mix hair removal systems. That’s why we have them all!
Back €150
Chest €150
Chest and Back €200

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The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
Eminence Signature Vitamin C Heat Facial
Experience unique Hungarian warm herb and spice peels and masques combined with invigorating Hungarian facial lifting and toning massage techniques. The treatment is focused on refining the skins texture, getting circulation and oxygen to the skin while infusing the skin with vitamin C. The results are immediately visible and long lasting. More youthful tightened and toned features with a smooth textured glowing fresh complexion.
The Eminence “EFFECT” of tighter pores and a fresh glow along with deep relaxation has to be experienced to be believed, a truly phenomonal result of clear, toned, and refreshed skin!
Time: 60 minutes - Cost: €100
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
Profound Anti-redness Treatment
Tailored to specific sensitive skin conditions. Tissue fluid manipulation massage T.F.M.M. a phenomonal technique which affects the subtle fluids of the face and head to decongest the lymph system. This helps reduce skin flushing and detoxes the skin which is often the root cause of high colour or Rosacea. A high concentration of Dr.’s vitamin K is applied to help strengthen capillary walls improving their elasticity and reducing skin transparency.
Time: 60 minutes - Cost: €100
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
Red Veins Thread Veins Spider / Broken Veins
Laser targets specific visible red veins or thread veins on the skin. Polaris Class 4 medical N.D.yag laser is used to target and cauterise the vessel so that it shrinks back from the surface to fade over time. Excellent results can be achieved after only a few treatments if not straight away.
Cost From €100
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
We use the finest quality wax containing soothing herbal ingredients to leave skin soft and comfortable, plus a specialised flexible bee’s wax more suited to delicate intimate areas such as bikini.
We provide a tried and tested pre and post waxing guide based on proven results.
During your waxing you might like to ask about our many other methods and options of hair removal. During initial consultation we can discuss the best wax treatment for your hair type.
Our expert waxing therapists will advise you of the best skin care product options to maximize the benefits’ of your waxing treatment.
Back or Chest from €40
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
Profound Prescription Facial
Skin health is rebooted with this advanced cosmeceutical prescriptive facial tailored to the skin condition on the day. Specialised ingredients leave skin clear and refreshed and more youthful looking. Extraordinary results are achieved by a unique specialised skin detox.T.F.M; tissue fluid manipulation . The facial treatment includes steam cleansing.
Time: 55 Minutes - Cost €100
The Wicklow Street Clinic Therapy
Profound Glycolic Peel with Steam
Firming and refining skin peel including pore cleansing steam clean. This peel is designed to address all signs of aging and skin tiredness. Refines open pores, plumps out lines and wrinkles, improves skin hydration. The overall result is healthier, brighter more youthful looking skin. The results are visible immediately.
Time: 45 Minutes - Cost €89