Naseberry Eye Exfoliant


Gentle exfoliant

Dispense a small amount of exfoliant and apply gently around the eye area in a circular motion.
Allow the exfoliant to remain on the skin for 5 minutes, then remove gently with a damp cloth.
Follow with an eye masque or eye cream.
1.Naseberry: gently removes dead cells
2.Wild Black Carrot: revitalizes the skin; reduces the look of fine lines
3.Raspberry: antioxidant, source of bioflavonoids
4.Eyebright: calms and brightens; improves the appearance of skin around the delicate eye area
5.Green Apple: source of vitamin C; tones, rejuvenates and nourishes the look of skin
6.Honey: moisturizes; nourishes the look of skin
7.Vitamins A, C and E: antioxidants
8.Vitamin K: soothes to improve the appearance of skin under eyes
9.Vitamin B3: revitalizing
10.Calendula Petals: soothing properties
1.The appearance of skin texture is improved and toned
2.Combats the appearance of fine lines, redness and puffiness