Lanni Oil

Product Description

A multi purpose facial oil for all skin types, with a particular affinity for sensitive skin. Made from 100% cold pressed pure Certified Organic jojoba oil.


Application: with damp hands: 1-3 drops to damp skin or add to moisturiser-leaves no oily residue-simply allow to soak in.

The oil is natures closest version to the skins naturally occurring oils and so has many different uses.; Cleanse with it, moisturise with it, apply it under make-up, use as eye makeup remover. Prevent stretch marks, safe around the breast area and so much more…. It is the most similar oil to the natural oil found in skin with almost the same molecular structure.

Because it is a natural wax this oil will solidify at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius-this does not cause any harm to the oil –it will return to liquid at room temperature.
Skin is moisturised without clogging. Healing regenerating non greasy oil. Skin is recovered.
100% pure organic Jojoba Oil with natural vitamin A an E
Apply a few drops to damp skin or mix with moisturiser, night cream or body lotion. HER; Tummy and breast areas before, during & after pregnancy. Used alone or under any cream for face & body winter recovery and extra protection. Eye make-up remover on to damp cotton ALL SKINS INCLUDING HYPERSENSITIVE Eye treatment- ALL SKINS INCLUDING HYPERSENSITIVE Facial oil cleanser- just a few drops -remove with warm face towel or muslin ALL SKINS INCLUDING HYPERSENSITIVE Bath oil-just a few drops Body oil –just a few drops on to damp skin Facial, neck and chest moisturiser -1-3 drops on damp skin Hand and cuticle oil Hair oil treatment or warm/hot oil hair mask for dry hair and scalp HIM, Pre-shave hair conditioner-gives a closer shave, Post shave moisturiser-prevents ingrown hair, Sensitive skin moisturiser, Dry or flaky skin conditions –moisturiser BABY, Safe massage oil, Moisturiser for dry skin conditions, Bath oil, Conditions & softens dry flaky scalp.